I am LindyM and though my heart belongs to the city - NY's capital, I am happy living in the foothills of the Catskills. I am surrounded by two other mountains. An area that I thought was so new to me is where I spent weekends and summers. Small world! Retired early to stay at home but did part time work till I was disabled.Began a new life of struggling to gain mobility again and learn to pace myself on a good day. I have far more good days than bad as of late and I am thankful for that. I love to take rides and 'get lost' - a great way to discover new areas and see so many wonderful sites. I love to knit, crochet (try to create things from a pic) and read. I like to write (articles and poetry) though not written any poetry lately. I live simple and content with what I have. I love to learn about most anything. Raised by my dad, it was requred to be a tomboy thus you'll find me diverse in interests. The love of my life of course is my grandbabies, four (none are babies anymore) and one great- granddaughter. We made a lot of memories together and hoping one day to do the same with the great- grandbaby. I love meeting new people and honesty. I am a good listener and have an odd but good sense of humor. Making people smile makes me happy. It's all about the other guy. If you give of yourself - you will be blessed far more than if you just take.