Hi, my nick is annshanks, but my real name is Beth.

I'm from Minnesota, and although in the past few years I haven't been in chat a lot, I used to be every night. I, like Ruddyduck, started out on webTV in talk city and moved to Starlink with the channel. I have met many wonderful people here, some in person, and even though our lives have all changed a bit, they are all still close to my heart, and make me feel at home when in the channel. I am a nurse, although at this moment I'm not working.

I have two adult daughters and six grandchildren. I have a wonderful man in my life (Steve) who also has two children and two grandchildren. We live in the country, and when the kids are here they spend lots of time outside. Steve has taught them how to climb trees, the silo, and built a swing in the hay loft for them. They all love to visit us, and I admit we love having them here. I don't really have any special gifts other than being "Granny" to the kids. I admit I spend a lot of time on the computer. I'm trying to spend more time in chat but when the kids are here I have a difficult time getting there! I look forward to meeting more people there, and since I was a part of the beginning of 40-up I hope we laid the groundwork well for those that care to join us. There are so many wonderful people there, they have helped me through some very tough times in my life. So....hope everyone has a good time, see you in 40-up!