I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.  Went to N.W. Missouri State College then the army national guard for 7 years.  I was everything from an artilleryman on 105mm howitzers, office machine repair technician, MP's SP's to company clerk.  I'm glad I didn't get my ass blown off in Vietnam.

For the last 50 years or so, I have been an office equipment salesman.  Printing presses, copiers, facsimile machines and printers.  I'm still at it with no end in sight.  Gawd forbid I should have to sit home every day and do chores.  I'm gonna keep on keepin on as long as the good Lord lets me.

I hold a general class amateur radio license which I rarely use and I enjoy fiddling with computers to a point.  The wife and I enjoy the slot machines but don't get the opportunity to partake of same much.

 Beyond that, I'm just like any other old fart with all the aches and pains that go with the program.