Hi! I’m Obiwan. I was introduced to Starlink-IRC eighteen years ago by my dear friend NOLady who I met in another chat program. I came to #40-up a few years ago when Flygirl invited me to come and meet some of the people here.

I am from Michigan, but have spent most of my adult life roaming the world with the U.S. Navy and from one coast to the other after that following job opportunities. I have lived and visited many places that I loved, but none seemed quite like HOME to me…until I came to Louisiana! I fell slap in love with the people, the food, the culture and the customs. This is home to me now!

Shortly after moving to Louisiana, I had to go to California for a few months, where I met my wife Brandy. I brought her to Louisiana and we have been married for thirteen years now. She loves it here as much as I do too! This is home to both of us now!

We are blessed to be neighbors with NOLady and we have become one, large, extended family, living and loving life in Louisiana!