MARCH, 2023



 OK ! Here it is .... The moment you've all been waiting for. The big announcement. Are you sitting down ?? Gathering 2024 will be held in Bullhead City, Arizone in April, 2024.  The exact date wiull be announced soon, but it will be toward the beginning of April.  I'm sure that your first reaction will be "Huh, Bullhead City, WHY ? "  The simple answer is that Bullhead City is just a stone's throw across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada.  Laughlin, in case you didn't know, is the newest and latest gaming center in Nevada, right behind Las Vegas.  Bullhead City is in the middle of many historic sites and ghost towns dating back  many many years.  Gidge will be posting many of the great things to see in do in the nearby area in the upcoming months.

Trust me when I tell you that for those of you who are interested in Gaming, History, Ghost Towns, and Native American Culture, this is a gathering that you won't want to miss !!

Another month has come and gone. Almost into 3 months of the year. Time is passing quickly. Hope this newsletter finds everyone well. Been a different Winter here. Temperature will be 76 on the 23rd and 38 on the 25th. Weather is up and down here. At least it saves on the heat bill. I hope everyone has started saving for the 2024 get-together.The way the months are passing, 2024 will be here in no time. Now is the time to have started saving, so if you have not, start now. The time and place will be coming out shortly. Wishing everyone will be able to attend. 1 1/2-2 years is a long time not to see all our friends. We sure do miss being with them. Plan on being with us in 2024 as we all are not getting any younger. Have a great month.



Well here it is, February is now behind us already. That means the next group get together is only 13 months away (more or less). So everyone needs to start making plans for then. Kind of along that line of thinking, it's been a long time since we have had anyone new come into chat. We all should see if we can get some new folks to come in have have some fun.

I wonder if anyone else has a problem of getting things done since they have retired (guess that excludes Annshanks as she is still working (gag) part time). It sure seems no one shows up before I can get ready to start getting busy for the day. Had an appointment with my NP today about how my heart is doing. That was at 1pm and here it is after 3pm before I got around to get this article out and over to Jim. At least the old heart is still doing what it's suppose to be doing.

Compared to the rest of the country we are enjoying good weather here in AZ. Even though it's been a cool winter. We do get some rain for a day or night then it's nice once again. Thank goodness we are NOT up around the Flagstaff area. They are getting more snow by Wednesday and they (weather people) are talking about feet of snow. Haven't been able to find out how much they have on the ground but has to be a lot. I have gotten a couple of Tomato plants planted and Jim has some pepper plants started. We'll see how that comes out.

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