The Reunion Will Begin On Sept. 22, 2020
Click HERE for a link to the page giving information about the Happy Holiday Resort
 as well as many of the things there are to see and do in Rapid City.


It is with great sadness that I must let you know that we've lost another of our long-time chatters.  Steve Woolf, known to us as Woolfie passed away on 8/19/2019 following a years long battle with cancer.  Woolfie was one of our original chatters, and will be missed by all who knew him.  Please take a moment to remember Steve, and be sure to stop by our "People and Pets" page to have a look at Steve's photo.

OK This is the moment you've been waiting for.  The plans for our Gala Reunion are in place.  The location has been selected.  The date has been selected.  The only thing remaining is for YOU to decide to join us.  We have locked in our reservation, and we have blocked a number of rooms.  All that remains is for YOU to call and book your reservation.  Click HERE and check out the Happy Holiday Resort which will be the location of the reunion.  Happy Holiday Resort rents RV spaces, basic motel rooms, motel rooms with kitchenette and cabins.  The cabins certainly are a bargain at $28.80 per night for 4 people, but note that you must bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, and that you have to take a short walk to the restrooms.  When you call Happy Holiday, BE SURE to mention that you are a part of the 40-UP reunion. That way you will get preferential treatment.

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure that you get exactly the accommodation you want:

1)  Act NOW !

2)  Click on the link in the paragraph above (the one in blue that says click HERE)

3)  Check out the various sorts of accommodations provided by Happy Holiday - RV, Motel, Motel with kitchenette or cabins,

4) Call Happy Holiday at (605) 342-7365 and ask for Susan. Tell her that you're part of the 40-UP reunion meeting Sept. 22, 2020, then tell her that you want to make a reservation. a check or credit card for one night's stay will be needed to make your reservation.

5)  Look forward to the greatest reunion in the History Of Reunions !

It would be VERY helpful, once you've made your reservation, if you would E-Mail me or Gidge at the address links which appear at the bottom of this page giving us your tentative arrival date and the length of your stay. This will permit us to make plans for activities, food an so on.  We're planning a "meet and greet" at our place, and we need to know how much Okie Rotgut I need to make.

Here are a few photos just to let you know what our venue looks like.

The entrance to Happy Holiday Resort.

The motel at Happy Holiday Resort

The cabins at Happy Holiday Resort


As always, reader articles are welcome. Please submit to me at the e-mail address appearing at the bottom of this page.



As of this writing, there is exactly 1 year to the 2020 gathering in Rapid City, South Dakota. We all know how fast 12 months go by. Before you know it we will be in South Dakota. Now is the time to start saving for your trip. Saving $20 a week for 52 weeks will give you over $1000. We all throw away $20 a week so put it to a good use. Jim, Linda, Bruce, Beth, and myself have already made our reservations. We hope all of you can stay for a week but come and stay for however many days you can stay. If there is any possibility at all, that you can come, it is imperative you make reservations as soon as possible. There is another reunion taking place the same time as ours and we don't know how many rooms they will take up. All you have to do is call 1-605-342-7365 at Happy Holiday and ask for Susan. She is our contact person. Tell her how long you will be staying and what type of room you would like. The only charge for the reservation will be one nights stay at $42.40 including tax for a double or king room. There are 2-3 rooms with kitchenettes for slightly more. If for some reason you have to cancel, you will receive your money back. Discuss this with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other and at least get the reservation made if there is any possibility of attending. Some of you we have not seen for a number of years but we have always been in contact. There will be some new chatters to make friends with and old ones to see again.

We have lost 5 chatters and friends in the last few years. Now is the time for us to see each other before it is to late. Days are shorter and our ages are rapidly increasing forward. Let's get together before it is too late. These are facts not fiction. We want to see you again!!!!

If any of you have any questions, please get up with Jim or Linda, and they will get an answer for you. I know I am ready to see my friends again as I am sure you are. Looking forward to a great reunion so don't miss it. We want you there!!!!!!



Hello 40-up Family,

I just got home from a "mini-gathering" in California! Spent a wonderful week with Linda, Jim and Bruce. Since our next group gathering isn't until next year, Linda and I started plotting a way to see each other before then. Apparently Jim and Bruce agreed that it would be alright if I decided to go visit them while they are on vacation. It turned out to be a great time for all of us (I think)! We spent some time sight seeing, but many hours just sitting around visiting and relaxing, just enjoying each other's company. We went to Old Town Newhall where they have a walk with the Western Stars, went to the Filmore Museum, which was really very interesting and had a wonderful tour there. Linda and I went for a girls night get away where I got to see the Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, the Hearst Castle, Elephant Seals, and lots of ocean scenery that is so much more beautiful in person! I even went wading in the Pacific Ocean !

Linda was able to get us tickets for one of the Castle tours and we spent a very long time after the official tour was over walking through the beautiful gardens. I was able to see the wild Zebras just grazing with the cattle when we were leaving. It was a great trip. The best part was just spending time with friends, who after all these years, I consider family.


I would hope that others would be able to take an opportunity to visit folks from our chat group, just to spend some time visiting. Even just a couple days would be nice. If any of you are going to be traveling close to any of our chatters, let them know and make arrangements to see them on your way. Or, if you live close enough, maybe make plans to meet somewhere at a half way point! You don't have to wait until one of our gatherings to see each other! Sight seeing is fun, but just sitting together, relaxing and talking is great too. I will tell you, Linda and I both laughed so much on this trip I thought my sides were going to split!

I have made my reservation for South Dakota, and am so looking forward to seeing everyone in person, but if you have a chance to visit someone before then, don't hesitate to do so, you will have a great time, and will look even more forward to the big gathering. Hugs to all,

Beth (annshanks)



What a great week we just had! Beth (Annshanks) came out to California to visit us. The four of us (Beth, Bruce, Jim and I) spent time visiting, playing basketball in the pool, sitting in the hot tub, going out to dinner etc. We drove to a small town about 20 miles from where we are staying (Castaic, CA) and went through the museum. We learned all about that little town and how it was nearly wiped out many years ago when the dam broke. It's very interesting to find out all you can about an area where you are traveling or staying. We will do more before we leave here for our hosting assignment Nov. 1. Beth and I spent several hours shopping in Hobby Lobby! Also, the two of us went along the beach seeing sights such as Morro Bay where we watched a dozen or so sea otters playing and the harbor seals catching what the fishermen were throwing out after a day of fishing. After that we went to San Simeon and went through Hearst Castle and the museum oh yes, the gift shop as well. We went through the campground there where Bruce, Jim and I host each year. We got to see the wild zebras you just don't expect to see zebras wandering around here unless you are at the zoo. One of them was young and its stripes were still brown and white. We stayed overnight at San Simeon and laughed til our sides split it felt good to be 16 again LOL I only wish she could have stayed another week.

There have been quite a few reservations made in Rapid City for the 40-UP reunion next September. The rooms are going fast so don't be left out. I'm not going list all the names of people who have reserved but there are many whom we haven't seen in a long time. It's going to be a great reunion!!

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