Well, to say the least this past month has certainly been "interesting"  We finished up our camp hosting with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (after 14 years of volunteer work). During those 14 years, Gidge and I accumulated TWENTY THOUSAND hours of volunteer service. Bruce accumulated another ten thousand hours, which doesn't include the many thousands more hours he accumulated in Arizona.

In any case, Our working days are over ! We can now focus our attention on what lies ahead for us, and in this particular case that means Gathering 2024.


Gathering 2024 will take place at The Lodge On The River in Bullhead City, Arizona. Click HERE for reservation info.

The gathering will begin April 7th, 2024, and will start winding down on April 13th.

I can't begin to thank all of you for the awesome input you've provided to make this the greatest gathering in the history of gatherings.  Please click below for an ever-expanding list of all the great things to see and do In Bullhead City.  This list will be updated regularly, so Please, PLEASE check back often.

Here are the current room rates as quoted to Gidge by the facility manager

River Front Suite  $78/night – over looking the river with patio

Master Suite         $70/night

2 queen Beds       $55/night

2 Full Beds           $50/night

1   ed                    $48/night


Some rooms have refrigerator and microwaves. She said to ask for them if you want them. 

It's happened again. Another month has gone by and we are only 7 months away from our 2024 gathering in Bullhead City, Az. We hope everyone is making plans to be there.

On September 14th, Southwest Airlines will open their schedules to include all of April 2024. Be sure to check out their pricing if you are looking for plane flights.

The weatherman has been creating havoc all over the U.S. Hot weather, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and mudslides have ruined many people's lives. Luckily the East Coast has been spared of any bad weather. Hopefully this will continue.

By now, Jim, Linda, and Bruce are beginning full retirement and are on their way to their new home in Bullhead City, Az. At least they will have internet service there. Wishing them the very best on their retirement. They can now settle down into their new home and enjoy life as it was meant to be. My motto is you can do what you want, when you want. That is a great feeling.

Everyone stay safe until next month and visit us in 40-up at 8pm Eastern Time on Tuesday or Saturday night. We would enjoy chatting with you.

We have lost another longtime member of our chat room. Jim (Giffy) Gifford left us on August 2nd, 2023. I have met him in person numerous times. A great guy who will be missed by all of us. So glad we have memories that will last forever.



have something very important to talk to you all about this time. Sometimes things just go on day by day and we don't give it a lot of thought. Then one day we look back and wonder just where did this time go. A few days ago I got together with three of my high school girlfriends. One of whom I saw a few years ago but it had been 60 years since I saw the other two !!. We met at Abby's Pizza and sat there and talked for FIVE hours and could have spent another five hours. We took up just where we left off all those years ago. What a waste of time in between – it's sad. Three of us had lost husbands during that time, one lost a brother in December. He was part of our group as well. Look back and see just how many of your friends and relatives you have lost in the past. We have a wonderful 40-up chat room and there have been many of those who have pased as well. Giffy most recently. Let's not take for granted the time we have left. There's a Bill Gaither song that says:: “We have this moment to hold in our hand and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand. Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come. Don't wait for tomorrow to look back and wish for today,” What I'm leading to is try your BEST to come to the next gathering in April. I don't mean to sound morbid but it's reality at our age. Don't say 'well, I'll try for the one after that' but . . . . . I need to tell you that my three girlfriends and I have decided to meet somewhere EVERY years from now on. Our next meet will be in Reno which is about half way for all of us.

We are now finishing up our last hosting assignment here in Oregon. It's a sad time and a happy one too. I'll be back in Bullhead City on September first and Jim is going through Boise to spend time with his childhood friend before heading to Arizona. Bruce will follow a few days after that because he will be with his sister who is having back surgery. We're all looking forward to a new phase in our lives. At that time we will be preparing for the Gathering in April in Bullhead City. Be there.



Well here it is, September 1st already. That means it's only 8 more months until the great gathering in Bullhead City, AZ. Hope everyone has started getting their plans together for another fun filled week with all of our chat family.

It has been a crazy summer here in OR. Camp hosting has been busier than we can remember from past years. We, Jim, Linda and I have enjoyed it as always but we have noticed the younger campers have an attitude problem as to what they think camping is all about. Like bringing fans, electric lights even small A/C units with them. Oh for the ”good old days”,

We will all have left by September 1st. Well almost, Linda will be heading out on Thursday heading straight home. Jim is going back by way of Boise, ID. He is going to visit an old high school buddy there. I will be moving to a different site for a few days. My sister is having major back surgery on August 31st. I will staying at her place to make sure she is on the mend. Then I will be heading South on the 5th back to AZ. Never a dull moment!

Everyone stay health and well and we move into the fall and winter months.

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