MAY, 2020


The Reunion Will Begin On Sept. 22, 2020
Click HERE for a link to the page giving information about the Happy Holiday Resort
 as well as many of the things there are to see and do in Rapid City.


As we move into the third month of what may well be the most difficult period in the lives of many of us, I feel that it would be a good thing to step back and to take a look at the positive side.  Many of us have had to make some pretty significant changes in our lifestyles.  Some of us have lost friends and loved ones. Some of us have lost the ability to earn a living in the manner we're accustomed to.  The positive side to all this is that we have EACH OTHER. We are able to share the good and the bad with our friends and closest acquaintances.  We may be required to maintain social distance, but there is no law that tells us that we must be ALONE.

Having said all that, the big questions remains; What does all this mean for Gathering 2020 ? Linda and I have been in regular contact with Happy Holiday, the planned venue for Gathering 2020. The management assures us that at this time, there is no need to make any alternate plans. They're expecting us, and they're expecting that we will have an absolutely fabulous experience. Management has told us that we can check in with them every month or so between now and the gathering to see if anything has changed, but for now, all is well, and the gathering will take place as scheduled !  If anything should happen to change our plans, I will notify each of you individually.  If you don't hear from me to the contrary, We're Good To Go !

Click HERE and check out the Happy Holiday Resort which will be the location of the 2020 reunion.  Happy Holiday Resort rents RV spaces, basic motel rooms, motel rooms with kitchenette and cabins.  The cabins certainly are a bargain at $28.80 per night for 4 people, but note that you must bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, and that you have to take a short walk to the restrooms.  When you call Happy Holiday, BE SURE to mention that you are a part of the 40-UP reunion. That way you will get preferential treatment.

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure that you get exactly the accommodation you want:

1)  Act NOW !

2)  Click on the link in the paragraph above (the one in blue that says click HERE)

3)  Check out the various sorts of accommodations provided by Happy Holiday - RV, Motel, Motel with kitchenette or cabins,

4) Call Happy Holiday at (605) 342-7365 and ask for Susan. Tell her that you're part of the 40-UP reunion meeting Sept. 22, 2020, then tell her that you want to make a reservation. a check or credit card for one night's stay will be needed to make your reservation.

5)  Look forward to the greatest reunion in the History Of Reunions !

It would be VERY helpful, once you've made your reservation, if you would E-Mail me or Gidge at the address links which appear at the bottom of this page giving us your tentative arrival date and the length of your stay. This will permit us to make plans for activities, food and so on.  We're planning a "meet and greet" at our place, and we need to know how much Okie Rotgut I need to make.

As always, reader articles are welcome. Please submit to me at the e-mail address appearing at the bottom of this page.


Here we are, approaching the month of May. We are only 5 months away from our reunion gathering in South Dakota. Hopefully, everyone is well and has not contacted the corona virus. We hope everyone is making the best of a grave situation. There is not much we can do but stay home and wish the virus will die down or out by August or before. By the time this is over, everyone will need a vacation. So far everyone seems to be coping with the stay at home orders and wearing of face masks to prevent the spread. We all need to be very careful until a vaccine is developed as we are in a vulnerable age group which is fatal in some cases.

Everyone needs to put the stimulus check in the bank for vacation time. All we can do now is pray that things open up by September and the threat has gone away. Enjoy the time at home with family and keep in touch with your friends as much as possible. We are thinking of each of you and hope to see you in September.

Not much good news to report other than if you have not made your reservations yet, it should be done now as once this stay in place is over, everyone will be reserving everywhere.



I hope you are all staying well and not too bored from having to shelter in place for so long. Here in Oregon the parks were going to open the day-use ones on May 6th. However, the decision was made to not do that until after May 25th. All reservations have been canceled. Truckr, Bruce and I putter around mowing, blowing and generally keeping things looking nice. We hike the trails watching for people who should not be in the park. With the park empty I can walk Hayley without a leash so there are some benefits to this Covid situation.

Truckr and I bought a 2014 Honda Accord EXL last weekend. Our other Accord had over 297,000 miles on it and it was time for a change. Bought that one new 21 years ago! The new one is grossly smarter than I am!! Don't even need a key to start it, connects to my cell phone for phone calls, back-up camera, GPS, lane warnings and many more things. One VERY important feature is that the color of the car is Champagne and matches my cell phone LOL. Anyway, after 21 years it's kind of fun to drive something newer.


I spoke to the Happy Holiday resort in Rapid City this week and he said things should be on track by the time we have our Reunion Gathering. Some things are opening there now and he thinks by July things should be good. We will be keeping in touch with him through out the next few months and will keep everyone posted.

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone that greeting applies and have a good Memorial Day.



No doubt we are all very tired of hearing about that bloody virus so I’ll avoid that topic  but will say that it gave us the perfect opportunity to redecorate! Oh Joy! So we (actually he…I just grumbled along behind) decided to start with the first floor level, doing the sun room first. An interesting little mixture of skylights, angles and about 5 miles of painter’s tape since neither of us trust our cutting skills enough any more to just give it a shot without the tape. Wise move as it turned out because I suspect the painters tape ended up with at least an equal amount of paint as the walls. So that room now looks a lot better – fresher walls and a bright ceiling again Which…of course…makes the adjoining room (semi-open plan, you see) look pretty shabby.

Off we go again – prepping, filling the imperfections, replacing some nails that had shifted like they tend to do. And we do the ceiling….lots and lots of ceiling. Only to find it looks like a patchwork quilt when done. Now you all know how hard (what an inadequate word!) it is to paint a ceiling so having to do a repeat performance didn’t go down well with my co-worker..aka Gary. But, to his credit, he did most of it again and although it was marginally better we still could see the blotchy result. Came to two conclusions. One was that the house was very dry – 32% humidity – so the paint dried very fast, while we were applying it in fact. Second was that the bright, white snow on the ground outside acted as a spotlight highlighting the imperfections. So OK we decided we’d let it go and if we ever sell it’ll be when there’s no snow on the ground.

-So we got that area all done…dining,  kitchen and hallway and I must say that 3M must be very pleased we have shaky hands because we used acres of tape by now. Must remember to buy shares with them.

You’d think that would have been enough for his lordship…but no. “Let’s do the living room” he says. How can I describe my reaction…. stunned silence with the look of a deer in the headlights of a rapidly on-coming car should about cover it. So yep – you guessed it. We painted the living room which is connected to the stairs to the second floor and the hallway up there. With 17 foot ceilings in places, and more taping. LOTS more taping. And then the cutting on a ladder balancing in the stair well with me as counter balance. I am not really religious but I did drag up some prayers from convent school days while there. Annnd…. it’s done.

Which of course sounds so ‘well that was easy’. Nope…it wasn’t easy, in fact I hope it’s the very last time  we ever own a house with severely raked ceilings that span two floors. I’m wondering if a tent isn’t a better option so I never see paint again.

After a good cleanup, re-waxing of the floors in there, we moved everything back, unpacked all the bits and pieces and put them where they belonged, hung the pictures and suddenly it all looked worthwhile.

Ahhh “Let’s do Mom’s room next week”  Aaaaaaaaarghhhhh….



Here we are (Linda, Jim & I) in day 33 of “shelter in place”, and in a whole new world we (all of us) never imagined two months ago. Who would have thought we would be going on a scavenger hunt to find a roll of TP. Good luck on that little project! We feel we have the best of two worlds, we are away from most people except when we to go do some shopping. And we are free to go for a walk and not have to worry about running into other people. In fact, we are encouraged to walk some of the trails here in the park. Linda & I take advantage of this to check the trails looking for interlopers, yes there are people that still feel they do not have to honor the “park closed signs” and check the trails for issues like downed trees. Such a deal! Yes, we do have to actually do some work, in our case getting the group camp cleaned up and ready for when and if the park does open. It’s going to be interesting to see how people act to the new normal we will have when we are able to move around freely after this virus issue is over, if it is ever really over. Only time will tell. Hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

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