SEPTEMBER, 2020 Special Edition


The Reunion Will Begin On Sept. 22, 2020
Click HERE for a link to the page giving information about the Happy Holiday Resort
 as well as many of the things there are to see and do in Rapid City.


We've arrived !  Gidge, Bruce and I have arrived at the Happy Holiday Resort in Rapid City.  LET THE PARTY BEGIN !

The first and most important information that we have to share is regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Happy Holiday Resort is open and in "business as usual" mode.  We had a chat with the manager, and we were informed that there are NO special precautions in place.  If you care to wear a mask, you are certainly welcome to, but there is no requirement to do so.  The decision is yours to make.  Common sense should prevail as in most other circumstances.

Next item on the agenda is your arrival day and time.  The reunion officially begins on Tuesday, September 22.  Many of you will be arriving on that date. Some will be arriving a day or so earlier, and some a bit later.  No matter. What DOES matter is that you come join us and enjoy yourself.  We're looking at Tues the 22nd as an arrival and get tucked in day.  We have no specific events planned for that day. There are many stores and restaurants in the area where you can get a bite to eat or something to fix in your motel for those of you who have rented a kitchenette. 

Our first "official" function will be the following day, Wednesday the 23rd.  On Wednesday, Gidge, Bruce and I will be hosting an all day and most of the night hot dog BBQ in site 24. Minni-Me will be bringing some crunchie-munchies to go along with the hot dogs, and I will be cooking up a humongous batch of secret recipe chili to dump on your hot dog or even eat as a side dish.  You're welcome to imbibe at this event, but we ask that you bring your own adult beverages, and that you try your best to behave - whatever that means.  Gidge will do her best to see that I do. Please wish her well.

When we had our gathering in Branson, Missouri a few years back, One of our long-time chatters - Flygirl wasn't able to attend, so RT hooked up a Skype connection so that she could join us.  There are one or two of you who won't be able to join us for a variety of reasons for Reunion 2020, so we will be arranging a Skype hookup during the Hot Dog BBQ on Wednesday. I'm sure that RT would be more than happy to assist anybody in making this happen, but the simple solution is to install Skype on your computer (if it isn't already)  I'll send out specific instruction well in advance of the event.

Meals:  Apart from the BBQ on Wednesday, we have no specific plans for who eats what, where or when.  In the past, we've all just sort of sat down and come up with a consensus. Many times we'll all head out to a restaurant. Other times, we've planned a potluck.  Some folks would rather stay in their motel rooms and cook something for themselves.  Anything goes !  Whatever works for YOU works for everybody else.

Activities:  There are soooo many things to see and do in Rapid City, that if our reunion were to last six months, we still couldn't see all of them.  We've picked out a few of the most popular sites and posted them HERE.

If there any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us:

Jim - voice and text  (503) 724-4118
Jim - E-Mail
Gidge - voice and text (503) 724-4115
Gidge - E-Mail


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