Wow !  I'm exhausted, but it's a very good kind of tired !  Reunion 2020 is done, and it was a smashing success by all accounts. 

There were so many of you who attended who are photo fanatics, and who forwarded soooo many really great pix that I must confess that I've gotten a bit behind in updating the GATHERINGS page in our web site.  I have the page for Reunion 2020 up and running, and I even have a few pix uploaded and ready to view.  I will be adding more pix daily.  Please, please stop by regularly and check out how much fun was had by all who attended. There are a zillion ways to get there.  First would be just to click on the word GATHERINGS in the previous sentence. Next would be to click on the GATHERINGS link at the top of this page.

I must confess that Reunion 2020 was one of the best gatherings that I've ever attended.  What made it so great, in my opinion is that EVERYBODY participated.  Our opening party was a hot dog roast and a sampling of my Okie Rhubarb Rotgut.  Everyone who attended brought along a little something to share even tho nobody was asked to.  That's just the kind of "family" we've created.

All of which brings me to my next issue, and that would be to address our future.  I have to ask myself whether one of the factors which contributed to Reunion 2020 was the year off between our gathering 2018 and Reunion 2020. I'm wondering if making our get-togethers every other year instead of every year might create more interest. I'm thinking that this would make it possible for folks to go somewhere for vacation on alternate years. Another thought is that we would have more time to save up for a gathering since sometimes they can be a bit pricey. I'm just throwing it out for your consideration.  I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just click on the link at the bottom of this page to drop me a note.

As always, reader articles are welcome. Please submit to me at the e-mail address appearing at the bottom of this page.


Looks like we scheduled the right week for South Dakota. There is snow and below freezing temperatures there now. What a difference a month makes. I hope everyone enjoyed their vacation as much as I did. We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It is much more enjoyable being able to see friends in person and enjoying each others company. Seems like time is moving way too fast and the time being with great friends seems to get longer. Now we all have to concentrate on is staying away from the flu season and Covid 19. Cases are on the rise and with flu season arriving, we all must take precautions to stay healthy and not catch the viruses. With the time change coming in November, days will be getting shorter and nights will be longer. This will leave time for all of us to get together in 40-up on Tuesday and Saturday nights at 8pm Eastern Time. There is always email and cell phones to also keep in touch. Some of us stay connected with Face book on social media. No matter how we keep in touch, we must continue to contact our friends as much as possible. We would love to see Kaiwinn, Rojo, Barbara, Wendel, Flygirl and Mac to join us in 40-up as much as you can. We miss being able to see our friends on a weekly basis and miss them when they are not there. Don't be shy or bashful. It is so easy to get online to join us and there is no better time to do this than right now. I hope everyone has a great month and a wonderful Thanksgiving although it may not be like years past. Stay safe and will be looking to see your visits in 40-up.



What a great time we all had in Rapid City! Good friends, good food and lots of fun things to do and see. We were so glad to see some chatters who we haven't seen for quite some time and are hoping they will come back into chat on a regular basis. We also met some new ones; Barbara is Donna's friend, Wendel came with Jamie and Mac came with Penny. It seemed that we had always known these new ones. Mac provided some yummy ribs for our dinner one evening. In all the years I've been chatting I hadn't met minni-me (Pati) in person yet so it was nice to have her be able to join us this time. Our little Dachshund, Stewart, loved sitting in her lap -  and I think she enjoyed it just as much.

Not only did we see Mount Rushmore but several other interesting places. The Crazy Horse monument is still under construction and has an unusual story behind it's beginning. It began a few decades ago by a man and his wife. They had 10 children during the time they worked on it and some of the children are continuing the work today. They say it could take 100 years to complete. Look it up sometime on the internet. Other things we did (besides a lot of eating and visiting) were Bear Country which is a drive through park, train ride through the countryside and a dinner and show at Fort Hays.

Now Truckr, Bruce and I are getting settled in at our “Snowbird” park for the winter. It's on the Colorado River at Bullhead City, AZ. It's a lovely resort with pool and spa. We have a very nice site for our fifth wheel that offers a lot of privacy and Bruce is right next door. Beautiful palm trees throughout the park. I've been getting acquainted with the area and am pleased with what I'm finding. Hobby Lobby, Walmart super center, our bank and low prices for gas/diesel/propane! Who could ask for more? Taking the winter off from our hosting in state parks is a first for Truckr and me. We'll see how we like it. So far, so good.


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