JUNE, 2024





Summer has arrived in Arizona !  Read what Bruce has to say in his column farther down the page. We're finding that we have to change our sleep schedule pretty radically in order to get things done.  Now we typically go to bed around 7:30 or 8:00, then get up around 4 or 5 in the morning in order to get outdoor stuff done before the temperature gets unbearable.  We bought a brand-new A/C unit for the house which keeps things at a comfortable 78-80 even when the outdoor temperature exceeds 110.

Many of you may have heard that our long time friend and chatter Missy is going through a very tough ordeal of chemotherapy.  I clipped the following note from Missy's Facebook page.  Let's all send love and prayers her way.

"I had round three of chemo today, only nine more left. So far, chemo symptoms have been few and mild. I'm very grateful. Please continue to stand with me on this journey. I love you and need you."

Enough of my rambling.  Read on to see what our other chatters have to say, and please have a pleasant and safe Summer.

Well, another month is here. Time is not slowing down. The weather is still cool and wet here so far this Spring. I hope the cool weather continues and it doesn't get too hot. Glad to see that Kadu got the chance to visit her daughter in Australia again. It looks like she had a nice trip. I hope everyone is in good health and doing whatever they want. If you are still working, so sorry for that. Retirement is great!!!!! Take time to enjoy it at all times. Do you realize 1/2 of 2024 is almost gone? We all wonder what 2025 will bring. Our cost of living has gone way up. The price of food, gas, and health insurance has gone up considerably. People can barely make ends meet. We need to have the cost of living go down or stay current for a time. Everyone stay safe and enjoy this summer. July is on the way!



Where did May go? Another month come and gone in a blink. My name is Hayley and I'm writing this column for my Mom Gidge. She and Dad (Truckr) have been kept awake at night for several nights now by my brother Stewart so she's taking a nap now. Stewart as you may know is an 18 year old Dachshund and I am a 6 year old Chihuahua. Stewart doesn't seem to want to sleep at night but only in the daytime. The night routine lately has been getting up and down with him, taking him outside, getting him a drink etc. Mom says it's like having a new born baby. Sometimes Mom sits in the hot tub in the middle of the night just to relax. Both Mom and Dad catch naps when they can.

Now that it's June the weather is getting hotter here. The next 10 days will be between 107 and 115. We have great A/C though and keep cool inside. Mom has to take me for my walk early in the morning before it gets too hot. Uncle Bruce (from 40-up chat) is growing a yummy cherry tomato plant and every time he comes into our house he brings me some. Sometimes I sneak into his yard and pick one myself. Don't tell him. I don't know about other dogs but I LOVE veggies: tomatoes, green pepper, carrots etc. I always beg some from Dad when he's cutting them up for dinner.

Be sure to come into chat during June, some of you have been missed. Stay safe and well. You know, more of you might consider sending a column to Dad for the next Newsletter. This is fun!




I need someone to enlighten me where the time is going! Here we are with May already behind us and June is with us already.

Summer has arrived in AZ! The 90 degree days are behind us. We are now in the 100+ temps with 112 being forecast by next Tuesday. Thank goodness for A/C. We are up early and getting things that require us to be outside done as early as possible. As I write this article it is 9 am and already 93 degrees. Yuk! Thank goodness the stores are all air conditioned. I have put up the insulated material up over my windows. It really helps, but I am basically living in a dark RV. Oh well, that's what lights are for.

We are having to water plants everyday now except for the Cactus of course. Am about ready to get rid of the tomato plants as they are not producing. Have lots of blooms but no fruit. I will have to leave the Cherry tomato plant or Hayley will kill me. She goes out and tries picking the little tomatoes on her own. Sometimes she gets lucky.

Everyone please stay safe and healthy.



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