JULY, 2020


The Reunion Will Begin On Sept. 22, 2020
Click HERE for a link to the page giving information about the Happy Holiday Resort
 as well as many of the things there are to see and do in Rapid City.


Greetings from cloudy rainy Northwest Oregon !

All kidding aside, things are certainly changing in Oregon, and in particular, the Oregon State Parks system.  As you all know, most campgrounds in most states have been closed for nearly 3 months now. Obviously this has had a devastating impact on revenue which trickles down to staff lay-offs, lack of equipment maintenance, and on and on.... The park where we're currently hosting (Champoeg State Heritage Area) reopened a couple of weeks ago and needless to say we're ALL busy trying to catch up and return to normal.  Regardless of that, I wouldn't trade being a full time volunteer for anything, Its gotta be the greatest lifestyle there is. 

I thought that some of you might enjoy reading a little about the park at which Linda and I are currently hosting.  Please click on the link which follows to see where we are and what we are trying our best to help the public to enjoy.

Remember to join us in chat on Tuesdays ans Saturdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.  See ya there !

Click HERE and check out the Happy Holiday Resort which will be the location of the 2020 reunion.  Happy Holiday Resort rents RV spaces, basic motel rooms, motel rooms with kitchenette and cabins.  The cabins certainly are a bargain at $28.80 per night for 4 people, but note that you must bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, and that you have to take a short walk to the restrooms.  When you call Happy Holiday, BE SURE to mention that you are a part of the 40-UP reunion. That way you will get preferential treatment.

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure that you get exactly the accommodation you want:

1)  Act NOW !

2)  Click on the link in the paragraph above (the one in blue that says click HERE)

3)  Check out the various sorts of accommodations provided by Happy Holiday - RV, Motel, Motel with kitchenette or cabins,

4) Call Happy Holiday at (605) 342-7365 and ask for Susan. Tell her that you're part of the 40-UP reunion meeting Sept. 22, 2020, then tell her that you want to make a reservation. a check or credit card for one night's stay will be needed to make your reservation.

5)  Look forward to the greatest reunion in the History Of Reunions !

It would be VERY helpful, once you've made your reservation, if you would E-Mail me or Gidge at the address links which appear at the bottom of this page giving us your tentative arrival date and the length of your stay. This will permit us to make plans for activities, food and so on.  We're planning a "meet and greet" at our place, and we need to know how much Okie Rotgut I need to make.

As always, reader articles are welcome. Please submit to me at the e-mail address appearing at the bottom of this page.


We are entering the month of July, just 3 months from our get together in South Dakota. Summer is here along with the hot weather. Maryland has opened their restaurants to outdoor and indoor dining. Indoor dining is at 50% capacity of the restaurant. Social distancing and the wearing of masks inside everywhere is still in effect. Slowly we are coming out of our shell and taking very small steps to recovery. Hopefully, by September, we will be back close to normal. Some states are still having problems because they opened too early.

The Bike Fest in Sturgis, South Dakota is being held in August so it will be well over by the time we get there. The weather should be nice as Fall will have begun. Average temperature in September there is 77 degrees and 48 degrees for the low.

One of our former chatters is now living in New Zealand. Julie Finley(Jules) has opened a Bed and Breakfast Lodge near Dargaville, North Island, New Zealand. It's a farm with animals called Arndel Lodge. The website is below. Take a look. Send her an email and congratulate her. Guess she won't be able to come to the U.S. anytime soon.

Better start thinking about packing for South Dakota. It's almost time to start.

Have a great month and before you know it, September will be here.



Here we are already at July first! How the time is flying by! It will soon be September and time for us to get together. I can't wait to see every one. Not only the usual crowd but we have some chatters joining us who haven't been in chat for awhile so it's going to be a great reunion! I spoke to the manager of the resort where we will be staying and he said things look good for us being there. Restaurants and sightseeing places are all open.

Truckr has had 3 lung doctor appointments canceled in the past couple of months. I called his Dr.'s office and told them that a phone conference would not be acceptable because they can't really address his condition. They rescheduled!!! Yea! I saw my primary care doctor today and there was no problem everyone wearing masks. Sometimes you just have to get up on your horse and charge!! LOL

Oregon has now mandated masks for ALL indoor places. A store can be held responsible and perhaps fined if they don't comply. I went to Walmart last week and less than 50% were wearing masks. Today everyone had one on. So it's working. I've been wearing one when I shop for the last 3 months mostly because I don't want to bring anything back to Jim.

I hope you all have a great 4th and stay safe and healthy.

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